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What exactly are They?

When your fingers feel like carrying out a little walking, it's the perfect time to try a finger vibrator on for size. A finger vibrator attaches for your finger and either sends vibration through your finger, or includes a contact point for clitoral stimulation. A more recent accessory for the vibrator family, the finger vibe is a must-try for anyone seeking some extra pleasure.

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Some finger vibes are worn like a glove, while others are simply worn on one finger, just like you would wear a ring. And even though a vibration could be felt inside your fingertip, the pleasure is intended for other, more sensitive areas of the body.

Achieving a climax using these handy contraptions is easy, because the isolated vibration stimulates the blood flow to the body part that's being manipulated. When your finger hits the sweet spot - bam! That's when the special moment happens.

Using It

And speaking of sensitive areas, use a finger vibrator on the nipple, a clitoris, or perhaps the anal region. If you feel like giving it a go on your guy, it works wonders on the penis and testicles as well. Try not to allow that to limit you - you can try it everywhere you'll need a little pulsating pleasure. Since it's worn on your finger, it is simple to pinpoint in which you want the feeling to visit.

Kinds of Finger Vibrators

Just like any kind of vibrator, you can expect to find the finger version in the future in variety of options - they're available in plenty of various sizes, textures, and are made of both hard plastic and soft silicone. You may also purchase a kit that comes with interchangeable tips so you can change up your pleasure - select from raised nubs, prickly ticklers, or riveted edges (a lot like a screw). You can even get them in different colors, you know, so you can match these to your outfits!

How do you use A Finger Vibrator?

Just slip it in your finger and switch it on - it's just that simple. No lubrication is required, but feel free to use some.

Finger vibes will also be fun for couples. Provide your partner an erotic massage and touch all of them over themselves. We're sure you can find some tense areas that may apply certain sweet vibrations! Use it around the nape from the neck, behind the knees and ears and round the ankles.

And since they're so compact, you can take them anywhere - on holiday, to work or tucked away in your purse. Then, pull it out when needed.

How Do They Work?

These kinds of vibrators use typical standard AA battery, and usually, it takes only one to have them buzzing up bad weather. Given that they vary in size, a few of the smaller ones make use of a watch battery, which may be purchased pretty much anywhere. If you are using yours a lot, you may want to consider investing in some rechargeable batteries. It will not only help you save money over time, you'll be doing all of your part for that environment will you're getting off.